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How to Measure Your Breast?

Measure Your BreastHaving better-shaped breasts and larger cup size is what the greater part of women would like and dream of, even if a lot of them show no interest toward breast enlargement procedures – and that maybe because they think breast surgery is the only solution and are unaware of the efficient alternatives to it.

The other side of the issue is that most women even don't know their bra size and don't know how to measure their breasts. And are there many of them who have actually been measured?

The first step you should take prior to initiating any breast enlargement process is to measure carefully and record the size of your breast. But how to take these measurements properly? The following methods will help you make medically-accurate measurement and finally find out your breast size.

How to Measure Your Breast?

How to measure breast? Stand up keeping your shoulders and back in a comfortably straight and relaxed position, without pushing your chest out or holding your breath. You may find it difficult to do all the measurements on your own, hence, ask a friend to help you so that you could maintain the right position with your arms down by your sides.

Measuring Band Size

Measure Band SizeYour first step is to measure band size.

Measure very tightly – with a soft tape measure – around your rib cage, just below your breasts, to obtain your band size. Pull the tape measure tightly and make sure it goes straight all the way round you.

Round all fractional measurements to the nearest whole number.

Measuring Bust Size

Measure Band SizeThen, measure your bust size:

Measure around the fullest part of your bust, over the nipples loosely and keeping the tape measure straight.

Again, round all fractional measurements to the nearest whole number.

Calculation of Bra Size

Measure Band SizeFinally, calculate your breast cup size:

From your bust measurement (step 2) subtract your band measurement (step 1). Basically, every inch of difference results in your cup going up by one size.

Use the table below to find your breast size.
(subtract band size from bust size)
Breast Cup Size
0" to 1/2" (1.3cm)AA
1/2"- 1" (2.6 cm)A
2" (5.1 cm)B
3" (7.6 cm)C
4" (10.2 cm)D
5" (12.7 cm)DD
6" (15.2 cm)DDD
more than 6" (15.2 cm)G, H, ...

Breast Cup Size

Now take a look at your breast cup size. Less than "C"? This is considered small. Fortunately, there are solutions to enlarge female breast. But which method to choose? There are different techniques, each has pros and cons. Check our convinient How to Enlarge Breast guide for more details.

The graph below shows breast cup size distrubution: breast size against the percentage of women having this size:

Even if you are larger C cup, you can think about breast enlargement. A larger than average breast (D or more) allows you to benefit from many factors.

Before you start any program, you should have a good sense of where you're at before you begin your routine. This means taking accurate breast measurements, not cheating. The more accurate you are when you measure your breast initially the more you'll notice the differences when you begin to grow.

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