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Breast Enlargement Hormones

Breast Enlargement HormonesWomen who consider increasing their bust size may be attracted to the use of breast enlargement hormones as an alternative to surgical way of breast augmentation. These hormones did prove effective in increasing the breast tissue volume significantly (and as such are being prescribed also to transgender males).

Breast enlargement is reported largely to occur in women taking hormone-based birth control pills or undergoing hormone replacement therapy. However, healthy women interested in purely cosmetic effect, as a rule, are not prescribed hormone treatments because of their acute side effects.

How Breast Enlargement Hormones Work

Progesterone and estrogen - both of which are produced naturally in the female body - are the most effective hormones for breast enlargement. Responsible for a girl's transformation into a woman, the level of these hormones increases naturally upon entering the phase of adolescence, bringing forth such secondary female characteristics as breast growth. Human growth hormone and prolactin also participate in this development.

Further on, in the body of an adult woman the levels of hormones change under such conditions as pregnancy, menstrual cycle and menopause. Affecting fluid retention and breast growth, estrogen in high levels, along with other breast enhancement hormones, contributes to bigger bust size.

With the decline of hormone level the size of breasts reduces to their original. In order to maintain their larger size one has to keep the level of these hormones high in the body, which can be achieved by taking regular doses of breast enlargement hormones or similar products.

Breast Enlargement Hormones Results

The following chart can show you how many cup sizes you can gain with breast enlargement hormones:

Please note, results shown in this breast enlargement graph are based on average usage. Results will vary, these results are only meant as a guidance to your new breast size!

Risks of Breast Hormones Therapy

Breast enhancement hormones, however, can have quite severe side effects that are not limited to the most well-known one, that of affecting the mood. High levels of these hormones can also affect fertility, cause disorders in the menstrual cycle, and lead to such chronic health conditions as high blood pressure or anemia, as well as bring forth such destructive repercussions as organ failure or cancer.

Even if resolute to face these risks, women should avoid treatment with hormones during pregnancy and lactation. These hormones have severe effect on male body as well, and transgender men should be aware of this fact, and undergo this kind of treatment only under the supervision of their doctor.


How to enlarge breast naturally? Avoid breast enlargement products that contain hormones, and opt for products that have no artificial ingredients or chemicals as their ingredients.

You can easily find natural breast enlargement products that cause results like those found with breast enlargement hormones. These products, usually in form of pills or creams, can produce breast enlargement while results are likely to be better and safer compared with hormonal treatment.

Natural Breast Enlargement Products These pills include only natural components that were clinically proven to stimulate breast growth. Pills and supplements contain series of safe and natural phytoestrogens that enhance overall breast volume and imitate estrogen's role in the process of breast development.

The other ingredients of supplements – herbs, antioxidants and nutrients – contribute to overall health of the breast while also moderating the symptoms of menopause, PMS, vaginal dryness and diminished sex drive.

Breast enhancement cream is another option in your breast enhancement program. The product that is applied directly to breasts possesses crucial cell-pumping action, containing sarsasapogenin that stimulates lipogenesis and regulates the growth of fatty cells in the breasts in the desired volume and quantity. The remarkable potential of this kind of breast tissue stimulation was proven by the recent clinical tests.

Alternatives to Surgery