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Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Enlargement SurgeryThe number of American women, who have undergone a kind of enhancing cosmetic surgical interference on their breasts, reaches about two million. What is more, many of them will have to undergo an additional procedure in the next four to six years to have their implants removed. These replacement or removal procedures are, in fact, the norm for most cases. The necessity of an additional surgery occurs because the body starts generating calcified concretion around the implants as a protective reaction against a "foreign" object. Hardening, this calcification can start causing significant pain.

Along with being painful and expensive, these surgical procedures also carry the risk of patients developing life-threatening infections like those of blood or skin, which can be caused by scaring and exposing the body to a numerous products and instruments. Though rarely creating threats to life, these infections can cause severe problems that may take quite a time for the body to recover from.

Scaring, the common result of surgeries, depends largely on skin types and the plastic surgeon's experience; with inexperienced surgeons scars may be larger.

Pros and Cons of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast surgery has long gained popularity as a successful method of breast enlargement and as a way to make them firmer. However, before making an ultimate decision of this kind to move forward with, it is recommended to consider the numerous pros and cons of this cosmetic surgery type.

1.Immediate results. With a breast surgery you will acquire larger breasts immediately after the end of the medical procedure, waking up with your new pair of breasts, without making any efforts and feeling discomfort for months in order to reach positive results. Expensiveness. Breast surgery is among the most costly ways of getting the youthful breasts of your dream, running commonly into thousands of dollars – the costs of prescription medications required after the surgery not included. Even with a payment plan possibly offered at the doctor's office, the fee is still a hefty one to pay.
2.Hand-picked choice. Once the surgery is complete, you can select what exactly you want your breasts to look like: choose the cup size and perkiness you want in the end. As a rule, doctors show 'before and after' images to help you determine the configuration most suitable for your body type. Risk of complications. Breast surgery involves the risk of the same dangerous and serious complications – like contacting an infection or getting into an allergic reaction– that may occur with any other type of surgery.
3.Verified track record of success. Breast surgeries have decades-long history. Being initially reserved for celebrities and the elite, today it is a usual procedure accessible for everyone. Long recovery time. Discomfort and pain may last for weeks following the surgery. During the first week patients as a rule need someone to take care of them, so they have to ask a friend or family for help. It also involves being out of work for a while as well.
Currently, the risks of breast enlargement surgery have decreased somewhat, but certainly the price tag has not: breast enlargement surgery currently runs an average of $5,000.


If you are interested in enlarging the fullness of your breasts, you are fortunate enough to have several alternatives to choose from. Science never stops its surge for new treatment and cures of diseases, and during this process researchers may randomly stumble upon some "spillover" benefits. Breast enhancement is one of such advancements and it quickly started impacting the industry of breast enhancement.

If you seriously consider breast enlargement surgery but cannot afford it, or lack the determination to undergo this procedure that involves certain risks, there are natural options you can try:

Herbal Breast Enlargement ProductsNatural herbal breast enlargement products contain no preservatives, synthetic hormones, colorings, or any other unnatural components. Since they get into the bloodstream and get absorbed further into your body, it's crucial that you select a breast enhancement product with no chemical ingredients.

Only natural products affect positively the smoothness and firmness of your breasts, making them look bigger and more youthful after using such a pill.

Natural breast enhancement products (either breast enlargement pills or breast enlargement creams) will cause no harm, while the use of chemical ones may cause severe diseases and even cancer.

Breast Enlargement ExercisesBreast enlargement exercise program is another option of breast enhancement. These exercises are quite easy and can be performed both with and without any equipment, in a gym as well as at home. A detailed workout program with exercises designed to help shape the bust can be practiced every day to deliver the sought-after result of fuller chest.

Exercises are easy to incorporate into your day no matter how busy a lifestyle you have and how short of time you are. By the way, these exercises are quite easy to perform by beginners, too!

Breast Enlargement PumpsFinally, what's new is the availability of safe, effective, medically developed devices for home use — breast enlargement pumps — and now the idea behind them is well-tested and documented, with a long history of dramatic results. Breast enlargement pumps can increase breast size right in the privacy of your own home!

The mechanism of breast enlargement pump systems' work is based on the process of stretching the tissue and skin with resulting growth of new tissue and enlargement of breast size.

Most women honestly confirm that even if they did not conider natural enlargement methods, they are ready to think about natural products before opting for potentially dangerous breast surgery.

Alternatives to Surgery