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Do Breast Enlargement Pumps Work?

Do Breast Enlargement Pumps Work?Women who need breast enlargement have several viable alternatives to choose from. One of such alternatives - and actually not bad one - is breast enlargement pumps.

However, there is a thing to watch out for here, too: avoid breast enlargement devices made of cheap low-quality parts, and opt for products that have doctor endorsements and clinical studies confirmation.

How Breast Enlargement Pumps Work

The mechanism of breast enlargement pump systems' work is based on the process of stretching the tissue and skin with resulting growth of new tissue and enlargement of breast size. As most users will confirm, this is sometimes a pretty painful process. The initial part in the process is stretching that is further succeeded by the breasts starting to respond by producing new cells.

During the first eight weeks or more, your breasts will start intensively enlarging with this device on, but once you take it off they will shrink back to the former size. You don't need to worry; this is normal, since the tissue is being stretched intensively, while the growth of new tissue is a slower process and requires more time.

Use of pumps requires strong motivation and will-power to carry out the program every day for a pretty long period of time. This is the reason why most women are likely to find it too complicated and inconvenient to use. For some users it may turn into a real nightmare, but those who can overcome the difficulties of wearing a breast enlargement pump for several months will be able to enjoy quite gratifying results.

Best Pump: Noogleberry

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Noogleberry pumps are strong and of a high quality. The tubing is high quality silicone and built to last. The cups are extremely strong and are resistant to cracking and yet they are smooth, rounded and kind to the skin.